How Long Is Cantorial School?

Well, you can take as long as you need to complete Cantorial school. The main role of a Cantor is to present liturgical music that helps in clarifying studies and prayers in a synagogue or temple. He or she is the one who leads the congregation in prayer maintaining knowledge of Hebrew disciplines, since music plays a vital role in the Jewish community.

Aspiring Cantors can choose to be the one in Orthodox, Conservative or Reform with a typical length of school ranging from 3-5 years. This includes gaining deep musical knowledge, learning to play instruments, participating in various holiday functions and taking part in junior congregational services. On finishing the exhaustive coursework, the individual receives a diploma certification as a Hazan or Cantor.

JSLI offers a compact, formal Cantorial program with a mission to achieve beautiful liturgical melodies that you can learn at your own pace. You can take as much time you want to learn each module; High Holiday, Shabbat, weekdays and festivals.

The Curriculum has been derived from the Jewish musical tradition, and the ‘nusach’ of each module is taken from some of the most important Hazzanim in the Jewish tradition. Most of these selections are not too complex, and it makes easier for the students to pick the notes quickly. Written notes are there to guide you in case you cannot play an instrument. This enhances and accelerates the learning process as compared to other Cantorial schools.

At a time when traditional seminaries are preparing a fewer professional Cantors over an extensive period of time, the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute strives to produce high-potential Cantors for the future of Judaism, over a short course.

During the classes, one has the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and progress by singing the Jewish liturgical melody. In this way, the knowledge is achieved without any pressure of commuting every day, as you gain maximum learning in a short period of time.