How Much Does Rabbinical School Cost?

The Rabbinical School at JSLI is committed to making it financially feasible for all potential candidates to pursue a comprehensive Rabbinical education at a fraction of cost, in comparison to traditional seminaries. Obtaining a Smicha (Rabbinic ordination) from a seminary can cost you a hefty amount as high as $100,000, while online Rabbinical school is more cost-effective and convenient.

Not only does JSLI provides Rabbinical training at a subsidized cost of $11,750 for two semesters, but this also saves a significant amount of time with a compact all-inclusive one-year program, in contrast to a 4 or 5-year program at a brick-and-mortar setting. One’s passion for Jewish living and learning is what inspires JSLI to make it possible for everyone to attend a Rabbinical school from a point of financial stability.

While many would claim that becoming an ordained Rabbi online is not enough to gain a great amount of Jewish knowledge, but the institute empowers its students to serve the actual purpose that an ideal Rabbi is expected to do.

There can be no substitute for the intellectual, personal, spiritual and professional growth that happens in the community framework, and no amount of money can buy the passion to learn unless a person develops the interest. For the cost you pay at an online Rabbinical school, you have the option of extracting the same amount of knowledge as you would do by attending a seminary, and paying higher fees.

Professionally trained Rabbinical students from JSLI are highly preferred for authoritative work in and around the New York region, while a handful of students initiate their own project while still in the program. At the end of the day, cost will inevitably play a big factor when it comes to making up your mind to be trained as an ordained Rabbi. An online learning school like JSLI comes as a big relief for aspiring Rabbis!