How Much Money Will I Save By Going To Rabbinical School Online?

Well, the short answer is a lot! In the late 19th century, Smicha (the certificate of ordination) was provided through a structured way of schooling from seminaries like Hebrew Union College -Jewish Institute of Religion and Jewish Theological Seminary. Generally, it took around 5 years to be completely graduated as a Rabbi from institutions like these, and that obviously came with a big price.

With the emergence of online Rabbinical schools in the 21st century, things have become more convenient and affordable. For someone who does not have the financial means for a traditional seminary costing over $100,000, online schools have become a popular choice.

Not only do you save a significant amount of money, but also a good length of time that you can otherwise spend on gaining experience as a Rabbi. One of these reputed online programs is the 1-year course offered by the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI), which provides weekly online classes easily accessible from the comfort of your home.

New York-based Rabbi Steven Blane has designed an interdenominational program for those students who have widespread background in Jewish studies. In the 6 years of its existence, the institute has ordained 91 Rabbis.

In comparison to the five-year traditional program, JSLI offers a Rabbinical course at almost one-tenth of a price, with a tuition fee of $11,750 for two semesters. One of the most important requirements to get enrolled for this exclusive program is to support interfaith marriages. The idea is not only to prepare Rabbis to assist a specific denomination, but to approach unaffiliated Jews who are seeking a connection with Judaism.

For the price you pay at JSLI, it will provide you with the same level of training and expertise as the one offered at a traditional seminary. Let’s not forget that it’s all about developing immense interest in the religious subject that matters at the end!