Rabbi Jenn Weinstein

Guest Teacher Rabbi Jenn Weinstein

Rabbi Jenn Weinstein is well known here at JSLI and Sim Shalom. She leads Ma’ariv services and Shabbat morning services online for us each week.
She began her life of service as a Synagogue Adminstrator, Education Director and Educator of Special Needs at Congregation Simchat HaLev in Syosset, NY. Simshat HaLev is committed to welcoming all people equally and working toward a time when diversity does not need a definition. With 120 + students under her wing, Rabbi Jenn, was not busy enough!

She was already leading services and functioning in a rabbinical way and was encouraged and supported by congregants, friends and her father, Rabbi Jay Weinstein, to take the step to the Rabbinate.

She became a JSLI ordained Rabbi in January 2014 and is our resident expert on Inclusion. You will find her offering classes and presenting Lunch and Learns here at JSLI.