Rabbinical School

About the JSLI Rabbinical School

Our rabbinic classes meet once a week online via a video conferencing application making it possible to see and hear one another. These sessions include prayer (Davennen), exploring the weekly Torah portion (Parasha) and discussing relevant rabbinic law (Halacha).


Prior to each week’s sessions students access assignments and course materials online in order to prepare in advance for each topic.


Throughout the year, JSLI’s curriculum covers topics such as:

- Torah

- History

- Rabbinics

- Liturgy and Ritual

- Professional Development


In addition to all weekly course work students are also required to:

- Lead a Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat Service

- Write a final paper

- Lead a presentation (Lunch and Learn) in an area of their expertise


We focus on meeting the needs of Jewish unaffiliated and interfaith families

JSLI’s Rabbinical School is very different in this way. We encourage our students focus on the specific needs of the Jewish unaffiliated and interfaith. Although this group makes up almost 50% of the world’s Jewish population, few organizations focus on them.


We’ll give you all the tools you need to be a Rabbi

Once you’ve taken the program, you’ll participate in JSLI’s ordination ceremony to become a fully ordained rabbi – at which point you’ll receive your Semicha. This certificate certifies that you have demonstrated familiarity with our codes and texts and are empowered to serve as rabbi and teacher.


The Semicha is valid in all 50 states and will allow you to register with applicable city clerks to perform wedding ceremonies.


We’ll do all this with you in a year (if you are ready)

How are we able to ordain Rabbis in only one year? JSLI, unlike any other Rabbincal program takes a student’s background into consideration. Our students come to us with the knowledge and experience that is needed to serve the community as Rabbis. For most of our students, becoming a Rabbi is a life-long goal.


“My Rabbinic ordination from JSLI allowed me to fullfill a quest of 35 years. I was encouraged along the path by Rabbi Steven Blane and my fellow Rabbinical students from diverse backgrounds. The pride and allegiance that I have for JSLI is unbounded, for now I can follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather as a Rabbi.” Rabbi Normal Maybloom