JSLI Announces NEW Pre Rabbinic Study Course

ANNOUNCES  Our NEW Pre Rabbinic Study Course  There is the desire among many with limited skills to serve the Jewish community as Rabbis and Cantors.  We are pleased to introduce a “Mechina” (Preparatory) course of study for those who need to enhance their skill sets and meet the challenges of JSLI’s Rabbinical Program.   JSLI is…

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Mark Matousek

The Purpose of Sacredness presented by Mark Matousek   Scientists now understand that the human brain evolved so-called ‘higher emotions’ — awe, elevation, altruism, for starters — as a balance to our more primitive feeling functions. What we call The Sacred is humankind’s perennial response to this built-in need for transcendent experience. Whether we find…

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Rabbi Sandy Zisser

Rabbi Sandy Zisser has been a professional educator for the past twenty years, and involved in Jewish education for much of his life. Sandy received his B.A. from SUNY Albany with a dual major in American History and Judaic Studies. He then received a Masters in Special Education from the Bank Street College of Education.…

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