Online Synagogue

online-synagogueSim Shalom is an interactive, online Jewish synagogue, which – like JSLI – is run by Rabbi Blane. Sim Shalom is affiliated with JSLI and many of our rabbinical students and ordained rabbis join us for Services each week.


Sim Shalom is a Jewish Universalist community. If you would like to find out what Jewish Univeralism is all about before you apply for the JSLI Rabbinical School, you might be interested in joining Sim Shalom for a couple of weekly services first. As a rabbinical candidate, it is not required that you subscribe to Jewish Universalism and all of it’s tenants. What is required however, is the ability to be open minded and non-judgemental.


Find out more about Universalism by visiting the About JSLI page.


Our community consists of unaffiliated Jews and interfaith couples; between 50 and 100 members of the community join us online each week from around the world for our synagogue services.


Everyone is welcome at Sim Shalom, and no membership/subscription payments are necessary to participate in the services.


Visit Sim Shalom to find out more.