Our Other Courses

JSLI’s main program is the Rabbinical School program. However, we also offer other complementary programs – all of which are open to Rabbinical School students and some of which are also open to those who are simply interested in learning more about Judaism.


Jewish Learning Program (hourly, fee-based tutoring)

This is primarily a pre-JSLI Rabbinical School program. However, it is also open to anyone interested in one-on-one Judaic study or possible conversion to Judaism.


JSLI Master Classes

JSLI Master Classes are run by JSLI-ordained rabbis; they are currently only open to Rabbinical School students and alumni.

Find out more about the JSLI Master Classes


Cantorial School

JSLI will teach you to be a prayer leader and cantor! The Cantorial School is open to anyone who can read music and has a very good voice.


Find out more about Cantorial School.