About JSLI

JSLI: Pioneering Jewish Engagement for the Unaffiliated and Interfaith Communities

At the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI), founded by Rabbi and Cantor Steven Blane, our mission transcends traditional boundaries to embrace millions of unaffiliated Jews and interfaith families. Recognizing the unique needs of these often overlooked groups, we offer a progressive approach to Jewish spiritual leadership.

Empowering Progressive Rabbis for a Changing World

Under Rabbi Blane’s guidance, JSLI prepares liberal rabbis to connect with those who may not regularly attend synagogue yet hold a deep reverence for Jewish life, traditions, and holidays. This mission is critical, as over half of the global Jewish population consists of the unaffiliated and those in interfaith relationships.

Innovating Jewish Worship in the Digital Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way we worship. JSLI rabbis are at the forefront, adeptly using technology to bring communities together. Our approach ensures that Jewish teachings and practices continue to thrive, fostering respect and continuity for our religion in today’s digitally-connected world.

JSLI: Leading Online Rabbinical School for Aspiring Rabbis

Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI) offers a groundbreaking, fully online rabbinical program, designed for those eager to embrace their calling as a rabbi. Our one-year program leads to Rabbinical Ordination, making it a unique and accessible path for spiritual leadership.

Trans-Denominational Approach and Comprehensive Curriculum

Our inclusive, trans-denominational approach welcomes students from all Jewish backgrounds. JSLI’s curriculum delves into Halacha (Rabbinical Law), Jewish Liturgy, and Rituals, blending traditional learning with practical applications. This enriches your journey towards becoming a well-rounded rabbi, equipped with both knowledge and experience.

Convenient and Flexible Online Learning

At JSLI, we understand the importance of flexibility. Our online seminary allows you to pursue your studies without relocating, accommodating your personal and professional life. Weekly live sessions foster a sense of community and engagement, despite the physical distance.

Celebrating Your Achievement: Online Shabbaton and Ordination Ceremony

Your journey culminates in an online Shabbaton, marking the completion of your studies with an ordination ceremony. As a JSLI graduate, you’ll receive S’micha, recognizing you as a fully ordained rabbi.

Vibrant Online Community and Ongoing Support

Beyond ordination, JSLI offers a supportive alumni network. Our private Facebook group serves as a platform for sharing experiences and resources, ensuring continuous personal and professional growth.

Embracing Technology in Rabbinical Education

As a technology-driven program, JSLI ensures you’re adept in using digital tools essential for modern rabbinical duties. While we provide comprehensive tech training, staying updated with the latest hardware and software remains a crucial part of your learning experience.

JSLI’s Code of Ethics and Statement of Faith

The JSLI has its own Code of Ethics, which it strongly abides by. Prospective students of JSLI must ensure they agree with and will abide by both before committing to any one of our programs.