Rabbinical School

Explore Online Rabbinical School Opportunities at JSLI Rabbinical Seminary

About JSLI’s Online Rabbinical School Program

JSLI stands out as a unique, postdenominational online rabbinical seminary, welcoming students from all Jewish backgrounds—Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform. Our global student base benefits from the convenience and connectivity of our online classes, held weekly via a video conferencing platform. This interactive setup allows for engaging discussions, communal prayer (Davennen), in-depth exploration of the weekly Torah portion (Parasha), and insights into rabbinic law (Halacha).

Hevrutah Learning and Community Building

Our Hevrutah-style learning fosters a strong sense of community, leading to lasting friendships among classmates. Prior to each session, students are provided with online materials and assignments to ensure thorough preparation and meaningful participation.

Diverse Curriculum in Our Online Rabbinical Seminary

JSLI’s curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics, essential for aspiring rabbis:

  • Torah Study
  • Jewish History
  • Rabbinics
  • Liturgy and Ritual
  • Professional Development

Unique Requirements for Our Online Rabbinical School Students

In line with our practical approach to rabbinical training, students are required to:

  • Lead a Friday night Erev Shabbat Service
  • Write a comprehensive final dissertation
  • Conduct a ‘Lunch and Learn’ presentation in their area of expertise

Catering to Interfaith and Unaffiliated Jewish Communities

What sets JSLI’s Rabbinical School apart is our focus on the needs of Jewish unaffiliated and interfaith families. We prepare our students to serve this significant segment, which comprises over 50% of the global Jewish population, with a practical and welcoming orientation.

Rabbinic Ordination Process

Upon completing the program, students participate in JSLI’s ordination ceremony, earning their Semicha and becoming fully ordained rabbis. This certification empowers graduates to serve as rabbis and teachers across all 50 states, including performing wedding ceremonies.

One Year to Rabbinic Ordination: A Unique Approach

Our online rabbinical seminary respects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students. Recognizing that many come with significant prior knowledge and experience in Jewish professions, JSLI tailors the journey to rabbinic ordination as a continuation of lifelong learning.