About Rabbi Steven Blane

Rabbi Steven Blane: A Trailblazer in Progressive Jewish Leadership

A Distinguished Career in Jewish Music and Cantorial Services

Rabbi Steven Blane’s journey in Jewish music and leadership began in 1991 as a Cantor at Congregation Beth Israel in Biloxi, MS. His dedication to Jewish liturgical music has been a cornerstone of his career, leading him to serve various Conservative and Reform temples  until 2009.

Rabbinical Ordination and Progressive Vision

Ordained as a Rabbi in June 2001, Rabbi Blane’s path took a significant turn when he resigned from the Cantor’s Assembly in 2009 due to his commitment to officiating interfaith weddings. This decision marked his move towards a more inclusive and progressive Jewish practice.

Serving as Rabbi and Spiritual Leader

From 2006 to 2009, Rabbi Blane served at Congregation Beth Tikvah in New Milford, NJ, where he embraced and advocated for progressive Jewish values. His tenure there helped crystallize his vision for a more inclusive Jewish community.

Pioneering Online Jewish Worship and Education

Rabbi Blane’s journey led to the founding of Sim Shalom, an interactive, free, online Jewish synagogue embracing the Jewish Universalist philosophy. Sim Shalom, along with the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI), addresses the needs of unaffiliated Jews and interfaith couples.

JSLI: Training Modern Liberal Jewish Leaders

As the founder of JSLI, Rabbi Blane emphasizes the importance of training liberal rabbis and cantors. JSLI’s program is tailored for those seeking a practical and focused year of study, having already ordained more that 200 rabbis and cantors. According to recent alumni survey almost 90% of those who responded are working professionally as spiritual leaders.

A Life Enriched with Music and Creativity

Music has been a vital part of Rabbi Blane’s life. With a B.A. in Music Education from Jersey City University, he has enjoyed a diverse career as a singer-songwriter, actor, and producer. His contributions extend from Broadway performances to founding Blane & DeRosa Productions, a company specializing in audiobook and children’s audio production.

Connecting through Songwriting and Performance

Rabbi Blane’s passion for music continues as he actively writes and performs songs, playing instruments like the guitar, piano, and ukulele. Learn more about his songwriting at his so website.

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For more information on Rabbi Blane’s journey, contributions to Jewish music, and leadership in progressive Judaism, visit rabbi.net.