Cantorial School Admissions and Fees

The JSLI Cantorial School welcomes all Jewish vocalists. While being able to read music and play a musical instrument are desirable, they are not required for admission.

You must have a lovely voice. Our Cantorial students must have a basic knowledge of Jewish history, Jewish texts, Shabbat, Jewish Festivals, the High Holidays, rituals and life cycles.

You must be committed to a life of personal spiritual development and service to humanity. As ongoing spiritual work is an integral part of the program of study, completion of JSLI’s Cantorial curriculum must be understood to be a beginning, not an end, of lifetime study.

You must be supportive of interfaith marriages. Jews who have married non-Jews make up a large proportion of the Jewish population, yet they are largely ignored by Jewish organizations. JSLI is different: we encourage our students to minister to and focus on the needs of the Jewish interfaith (as well as the needs of the Jewish unaffiliated). Therefore it is a core requirement that you are supportive of interfaith marriages.

We offer rolling admissions- you may begin in either September or January.

Admission and Fees:

Non- Refundable Registration Fee:


Students are required to purchase Cantorial and Liturgical texts- approximately $300-400 total.

Cantorial School Tuition:

The full tuition is $14,500.  Included are all Musical Modules, as well as JSLI’s Life Cycle classes (Funerals, Weddings, Baby Namings and B’nai Mitzvot), as well as participation at an online Shabbaton/Ordination weekend.

Unlike mainstream seminaries, we do not require all of the tuition upon your enrollment. You can discuss a payment plan with our Administrator.

Tuition Payment By Credit Card