I am very grateful for the experience of studying with JSLI. The collegial atmosphere, the skillful lessons in the practical aspects of rabbinics and the warm, nurturing nature of JSLI’s instruction made for an experience that I feel prepared me well for spiritual leadership. But perhaps more importantly, I feel that what I learned, from Rabbi Blane as well as my fellow students, improved me spiritually as a Jew.

Rabbi Dario Hunter

I can’t thank you enough for making my dream come true. I hope to be a part of the JSLI/Sim Shalom community for a very long time.

Rabbi Eric Morgenstern

Rabbi Blane and JSLI provided me with the rare-sense in life that “I am at the right place, at the right time”, it’s a true sense of harmony. All of my colleagues, as well as myself, were equipped with exceptionally rich professional and varied Jewish backgrounds when we began our journey. JSLI helped develop my awareness and sensitivities to welcome and embrace a sometimes, invisible Jewish community, across the street or across the universe.

Rabbi Daniel Ettegdui

I never felt like I had a Rabbi for my soul until I met Rabbi Steve.

Rabbi Edie Mueller

My experience with JSLI was very rewarding. Rabbi Blane is an outstanding teacher. I learned a great deal from him and my cohorts each and every week.

Rabbi Richard Perlman

Rabbi’s Testimonials

My Rabbinic ordination from JSLI allowed me to fullfill a quest of 35 years. I was encouraged along the path by Rabbi Steven Blane and my fellow Rabbinical students from diverse backgrounds. The pride and allegiance that I have for JSLI is unbounded, for now I can follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather as a Rabbi. I am now a religious leader to my retirement community housing about 1,000 jewish senior citizens.

Rabbi Norman Maybloom

(The JSLI experience)- “It’s a very personalized Semicha. Visually I would describe it as how the shape of a Tallis conforms to each individual person’s body and that’s what I feel the JSLI Semicha is.”

Rabbi Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier