Jewish Life Enrichment Program – JLEaP

Jewish Life Enrichment Program (J-LEaP) – Thinking and Living Jewishly

Discover and Enhance Your Jewish Knowledge

Are you eager to deepen your understanding of Judaism? J-LEaP offers an enriching online Jewish learning experience for those seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Whether your goal is to serve the Jewish community or to enrich your personal life, our program is designed to meet your needs.

Preparatory Course for Aspiring Clergy and Enthusiasts

This comprehensive preparatory course, consisting of eight units, is ideal for those aspiring to join JSLI’s Rabbinical Program or simply wishing to embrace a more Jewish way of life. Even if you’re not planning to become clergy, J-LEaP can significantly enrich your understanding of Jewish traditions and practices.

Course Structure and Timeline

Classes are starting in 2024, with the course spanning one year. It includes an immersive experience of the High Holidays, providing students with a profound understanding of the Jewish yearly cycle.

Our online program covers eight modules:

  1. Introduction to Judaism, Torah, N’veim, K’tuvim, Talmud, and Sacred Texts
  2. Leading Jewish Prayer Services
  3. Jewish Traditions and Symbols
  4. Lifecycles
  5. Jewish History and Culture
  6. Shabbat Rituals and Prayers
  7. High Holidays
  8. Festivals and Other Minor Holidays

Interactive and Comprehensive Learning

Engage in online study and participate in bi-monthly online Master Classes with our experienced JSLI Rabbis. This dynamic format allows for tailored content based on each cohort’s needs, under the guidance of the Dean of JSLI.

Commitment to Practical Learning

In addition to online coursework, students are expected to attend synagogue weekly, write papers, and practice leading services. This program demands diligence and determination, as it aims to provide a thorough and meaningful educational experience.

Determining Your Path in Jewish Leadership

J-LEaP is more than just a study program; it’s a journey to discovering whether the path of a clergy member is right for you. Regardless of your future decisions, this program paves the way for a more fulfilled Jewish life.

Fees and Tuition

The admission fee for the program is $200, with the full tuition for J-LEaP set at $4,000, excluding additional costs for required books.

*Successful completion of J-LEaP and an interview with the Dean of JSLI can lead to eligibility for applying to JSLI’s Rabbinical or Cantorial School.

**Please note: Completion of J-LEaP does not guarantee admission into the Rabbinic or Cantorial programs. We recommend discussing our policy with our office or the Dean for more clarity.

Fees and Tuition

Upon acceptance to our Study Program, a $200 Admittance fee is required.

The full tuition for the “J-LEaP” Program is $4,000. There are additional costs for books needed.

*Upon completion of this course of study and successful interview with the Dean of JSLI, you may apply to be admitted to the JSLI Rabbinical or Cantorial School.

**Please note, completion of the preparatory program does not guarantee your admission into the Rabbinic or Cantorial programs. Please discuss our policy with our office or the Dean.

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At present,  more than 200+ JSLI Rabbis and 8 Cantors are sharing the joys of pluralistic Judaism around the world. Now, you too can realize the dream of your calling to meet the needs of the Jewish Community around the world who are searching for you!