Pre Rabbinic Study

Pre-Rabbinic/Cantorial Study (Mechina)

Enhance the skills you will need to potentially enter our JSLI Rabbinical or Cantorial School.

Join a newly forming class of our JSLI Pre-Rabbinical and Pre-Cantorial Study Program for those who aspire to the Rabbinate and Cantorate and admittance to JSLI.

There is the desire among many with limited skills to serve the Jewish community as Rabbis and Cantors. We are pleased to introduce a “Mechina” (Preparatory) course of study- in the form of Eight Units- for those who need to enhance their skill-sets and meet the challenges of JSLI’s Rabbinical Program.

Our Mechina Program consists of eight “Units” of online study. You will study online, with a group of like minded individuals seeking to fulfill a passion and you will join in bi-monthly (every other week) online Master Classes with our JSLI Rabbis who encourage and guide you in your journey.

In addition to the coursework and online meetings you will need to attend synagogue weekly, write a paper and work on leading services. This course is not a simplistic way to enhance your skills and knowledge.  It will require diligence and determination on your part.  JSLI will not teach you to read liturgical “Siddur” Hebrew. You must do that on your own. Your desire to become a Rabbi or Cantor will need to drive your learning and journey.

Our Pre-Rabbinic/Cantorial  Study Program takes one year to complete.

There are eight modules of study:

1. Intro to Judaism, Torah, N’veim, K’tuvim, Talmud and Sacred Texts
2. Leading Jewish Prayer Services
3. Jewish Traditions and Symbols
4. Lifecycles
5. Jewish History and Culture
6. Shabbat Rituals and Prayers
7. High Holidays
8. Festivals and Other Minor Holidays

Fees and Tuition

Upon acceptance to our Pre-Rabbinical Study Program, a $200 Admittance fee is required.

The full tuition for the Mechina Program is $4000. There are additional costs for books needed.

*Upon completion of this course of study and successful interview with the Dean of JSLI, you may apply to be admitted to the JSLI Rabbinical or Cantorial School (*see below)


At present,  more than 150 JSLI Rabbis and 4 Cantors are sharing the joys of pluralistic Judaism around the world. Now, you too can realize the dream of your calling to meet the needs of the Jewish Community around the world who are searching for you!

*Please note, completion of the Mechina program does not guarantee your admission into the Rabbinic or Cantorial programs. Please discuss our policy with our office or the Dean.