Suggestions for Funding your Rabbinic Studies

Suggestions for Funding your Rabbinic Studies

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Finding Funding for your Rabbinic and Cantorial Studies

Jewish Spiritual Leaders’ Institute is now 200 Rabbis strong. Our Rabbis are doing great work.  They bring skills and life experience to our program of multi-denominational and diverse people. We are a school that is training and helping Jewish professionals fulfill the dream of becoming a Rabbi in order to serve an ever-growing majority of American Jews who have no denominational affiliation.

In the beginning of our journey we were at times met with disdain- as if we needed to apologize for not being a mainstream seminary.  

Please read this article, “What is Jewish Universalism and Why does it Matter? by Rabbi Steve Blane.  In it he shares the origins of JSLI and illustrates the state of modern Jewry today.  While each JSLI Rabbi does not need to subscribe to being a Jewish Universalist we do teach tolerance and love for everyone.  

So please consider joining us!  JSLI endeavors to rise above and apart from the fray and proceed with the work of training Spiritual Leaders to assume the work of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world.

We are often asked for financial support from students wishing to attend JSLI. Sadly, the Jewish world chooses to ignore us as a funding recipient.

While a traditional seminary requires five years and more than one hundred thousand dollars in tuition, we have streamlined the process for those who bring a serious desire and purpose.

As one of our 85 year old Rabbis will tell you, you do not need to study Talmud in order to have the knowledge and skills to officiate at a Bat Mitzvah!

Come to JSLI so that you can begin to enjoy the beauty of fulfilling a real need. 

Here are some suggestions for ways you can raise money on your own to attend JSLI.  Raising money is a great skill for a Rabbi to have!

  1. Crowdfunding –
  2. Local Jewish organizations – because you will be providing your services to your

local area ask them to help support your education.  

  • UJA
  • Hebrew Free Loan Society
  1. Your synagogue – you’ve been reading Torah for them for years or leading services.  See if they will support your journey.
  2. Local civic and service organizations –  Here are links to a list of fraternal and service organizations  and a list of civic organizations.

Tell them about all of the support you can offer to your local community!

We look forward to sharing your journey!