What Our Rabbis Are Up To!

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Rabbi Judy Ginsburgh

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Rabbi Norman Maybloom:

I’ve been acting as a pro bono Gabbai for the Clearbrook Jewish Congregation which includes leading the Congregation in Schacharit services on Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur. This also included doing the Torah readings for the 3 days and I blowing shofar again this year.


I’ve done several funerals, a baby naming and an interfaith wedding.


I’m auditioning for a Bal Koreh (Torah reader) position for a local synagogue this Shabbat (Chayei Sarah).


Rabbi Ronda Wanderman Young

As usual, I’ve been teaching — starting Taste of Judaism tonight. Doing some weddings. Filling in to lead services occasionally with my colleague Rabbi Neumiro. Always looking for more to do!


Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui

I have not quit my day-job:) as am still teaching at the Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School (HMJDS-Judaic Studies for 5th, 7th and 8th Grades); however, at the same time, I have been intermittently busy as a ritual/pulpit rabbi. Most recently on Friday, October 4th I conducted Friday Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv for the St. Cloud, Minnesota Jewish community (about 75 people from this eclectic community- e.g. families, college town people, GLBT, variety of Jewish ritual traditions/observances), they use Gates of Prayer Siddur (I like it) . It’s about an hour and a half northwest of the Minneapolis area. I was well received, they’ve asked me back. Also, I’ve officiated at one funeral (on the list at the main Jewish funeral home for unaffiliated/etc.), a wedding and a couple of shiva services and a few unveilings along the way.


I am also an artist/educator in the Jewish Artists’ Laboratory in Minneapolis. My most recent work (paintings) was shown last Jan-Feb at the Tychman-Shapiro Gallery (in Minny) in what was titled “Dream-Weaving” synthesizing artwork by visual artists and literary artists from near and far. The main theme was dream imagery in the TaNaKh, I assisted Robyn Awend the curator of the exhibit by compiling TaNaKh source-texts and Jewish Teachings on Dreams to offer the artists as they began the project (it just so happened that I also participated with 3 of my own paintings, I collaborated with poet Alison Morse on Jacob’s-Ladder dream imagery).


Rabbi Deborah Salomon

Hebrew Wizards is spreading its magic all across the country. We have opened 6 new pilot programs in Atlanta , Houston, Boston, Manhattan, LA, and Savannah. Our 7th will be at Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills, California with Grammy winner Cantor Mike Stein and Rabbi Vogel. We just finished our 75th B Mitzvah service and we are in our 9th year of Hebrew a Wizards if Greenwich. Very exciting!


Rabbi Misha Bendavid

I am serving as a Victim’s Assistance volunteer with Travis County Sheriff’s Department, who have also asked me to serve in their Chaplaincy program. I am looking for a location to hold Kabbalat Shabbat services in south Austin, as there are no shuls in this area.