How Long Is Rabbinical School?

It depends, according to where you enroll for Rabbinical school. Apart from the communal, pastoral, administrative training and the studies of Jewish history and Hebrew language, the time spent on learning law and legal theory in Halachah classes can vary depending upon the program. It also depends on how much knowledge one desires to gain in connection with the Jewish life-cycle.

Traditionally, it takes around 4-5 years of time to get completely ordained as Rabbi from a traditional seminary, with a couple of years spent in Israel for the Smicha studies. If the training is being imparted during the school period, the hours dedicated per day for the ordination studies is gradually increased up until the high school, and the entire length of training can expand over a 4-year high school career.

On entering the Smicha program, one has to spend 8 hours per day to undergo the in-depth training, and to complete the full cycle can take a significant amount of time. Even after entering the Rabbinate, if the Rabbi stops learning, he’ll soon find himself out of touch.

There are other programs which are short term and are specifically designed for students to get partial ordination by specializing in certain areas of law, for which they are assessed and handed over certificates.

JSLI’s online Rabbinical school offers an all-inclusive one-year ordination program where students of all Jewish backgrounds can participate. The institute utilizes your skills and real-life experiences, in addition to exploring rituals, liturgy and Halacha in a 2-semester course.

With JSLI, you save a major amount of time that would be otherwise spent on attending a traditional seminary physically. Our online learning management system allows you to attend livestream classes from anywhere in the world and there are plenty of resources available for you to access and learn from. At the end of the year, you’ll receive Smicha in an ordination ceremony held annually, depending upon the time of your enrollment.