Is It Difficult To Become Rabbi Online?

Not at all. The concept of Online Smicha (process of complete Torah study for rabbinic ordination) is one of the leading examples of positive application of modern technology. With perks of virtual communication offered within the comfort of home, becoming a Rabbi is no more a daunting task, although a serious one.

The online program makes the entire process of education a very interactive one with live classes and instant communication. You are literally saved from the trouble of travelling to a far-off seminary every week, as everything is planned for you to access within the comfort and convenience of home.

Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI) utilizes advanced technology with a virtual learning system that is accessible from even the remotest of locations. Students can interact with the teacher through video conferencing and ask real-time questions using the microphone tool.

In the course of online video conferencing, the subject areas include weekly Torah study, Jewish history, Introduction of Talmud and Midrash, Rabbinic Laws, Jewish Mysticism, Shabbat, Eschatology (Life after death), Jewish Conversion, prayer liturgy and the festivals. Live demonstrations are done to train the aspiring Rabbis how to officiate at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, and how to prepare and deliver sermons.

In combination with the weekly classes, the entire course material and the assignments are accessible on the learning management system throughout the training period.

Courses which include online resources, document downloads and important readings from JSLI required texts are made available to students one week in advance in order to make it easy for them to prepare the subject in depth prior to online classroom session.

The classes are followed by a healthy discussion on the topic for the day, giving an opportunity to clear the doubts by asking questions directly to the teacher. Assessment is done before each of the two semesters prior to being ordained as a Rabbi.