Will I Ever Have To Meet In Person In Order To Become Ordained At Rabbi?

No, you don’t have to. The Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI) is the only liberal seminary offering a comprehensive online curriculum through a Learning Management System in which the participants attend live classes through web video conferencing and complete weekly assignments on different topics such as Shabbat and Kashrut.

Each week, students join in prayer, learn Halacha and Jewish life cycle, present Divrei Torah and interact with the trainers without being physically present at the institute. An organic and dynamic institution like JSLI has an ever-growing international community, with its own affiliated online synagogue where Sim Shalom (blessing recited at the end of morning Amidah) is attended by students from different regions.

Prior to ordination, there is no requirement of students meeting each other or the trainers. However, people of the same batch are welcome to plan a meeting within themselves if they are willing to travel for pleasure.

The official time that you’ll get an opportunity to meet in person with the other fellow students from your Rabbinical school is at the time of ordination ceremony. It will be a weekend of celebration with some healthy discussions, services, meals and a lot of time for getting to know people from different places, who have been ordained as Rabbi along with you.

You are also welcome to invite your family and friends for this auspicious occasion, which is held twice a year in January and in July. Your ordination weekend meet will depend upon the semester you enrolled for!

JSLI has been specifically designed to be the world’s only fully online Rabbinical school, and till date, students from different parts of the world have participated in the program. Instructors and students meet virtually over a web-based platform each week from different time zones – forming a unique friendship link and connection that reflects the one formed in land-based seminaries.